"Melnikova" Apartment Complex (Techinhouse Ltd. ). Moscow, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Moscow, Russia
Equipment:  KNX

"Melnikova" Apartment Complex (Techinhouse Ltd. )

Project description
It’s a 150 sq. meter apartment.

- Light is turned on/off centrally and in scenes.
- Dimming is realized via DALI protocol.
- LED lighting
- “Moon walk”
- “Day-Night” mode.
- Basalte presence sensors

Climate includes control of:
- Heating,
- Blizzard Lufttechnik air saturator
- Blizzard Lufttechnik inflow exhaust ventilation system
- СО2 sensors by Ekinex
- МITSUBISHI ЕLECTRIC air conditioners
- Warm floors.

Control of motorized blinds.

Resource consumption includes:
- Metering of electricity consumption
- Metering of water consumption (4 meters)
- Trends of resource consumption.

Additional functions:
- Leakage protections with notifications
- Akuvox SIP intercom
- HikVision, NAS Synology video surveillance
- Voice control via Yandex Alice.

The following interfaces were chosen to control all of it:
- Control from universal wall-interfaces by Ekinex
- Control of all systems from one exclusive interface based on iRidium mobile.

The project is completed. Besides doing everything professionally we get emotionally attached to the objects we work. And 100 trips between the office and the object become near and dear :) That’s why we are happy and sad at the same time when we complete an object. The most important thing for us is that the customer and his family like the project and the system is convenient to use. And when a customer is happy, we are happy :) .

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
We chose iRidium as it is the most flexible solution to create a high-quality control interface. Besides, iRidium is a good server solution with a wide base of native drivers and a capability to write logic in JS. And a huge bonus to it is support of voice control via Yandex Alice!
We decided to use UMC in this project as it is a balanced solution:
— it has KNX interface via which light and climate are controlled;
— it work like IP-gateway for ETS, thus, commisioning and start-up are convenint to do on the object site;
— it has RS-485 port, that we required for integration of ventilation via Modbus;
— it is installed on DIN rail and it does not take much space;
— personal Java scripts can be used for advanced conrto logic of engineer systems and interfaces.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
1. Control of inflow exhaust ventilation system via Modbus (when certain registers were used, the driver collapsed).
2. Connecting Ekinex thermostats with visualization for the set temperature to come correctly. JS script had to be written for intermediary logic..

Control panels :
mobile phones – 5 pcs.

Equipment of the project:
Jung, Zennio, UMC, Ekinex, Akuvox, Blizzard Lufttechnik, Synology, Hikvision, EnGenius.