Smart Apartment for M. Monroe (Top Smart). Russia, Barnaul

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Barnaul
Equipment:  HDL

Smart Apartment for M. Monroe (Top Smart)

Tasks, set by the client in the project
Control of climate (warm floor, ventilation, conditioning), control of audio and video equipment in all rooms, control of lighting.

Project description
The project was started in 2013. The main requirement to the project was that the apartment be a place to rest and relax. That’s why special attention was given to the climate equipment. The entire apartment has warm floor with its own heat-transfer loop from the standpipe of central heating, a backup hot-water boiler and an electric boiler, that start working automatically when the central heating is off. Besides several scenes of lighting , including RGB-lighting were made. As the customer is a music fan, special attention was given to the systems that control and broadcast music to every room, including bathrooms. A system that controls sunblocking blinds allows to create an atmosphere for comfortable sleep with one touch. All systems are controlled form a control panel with iRidium with an interface in a minimalistic design.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
We had difficulties with controlling audio/video equipment – impossibility to use script to control via TCP/IP interface. We also came across difficulties with access to the controlled system based on HDL via the Internet.

Control panels
: iPad Air with LaunchPort – 1pc

Equipment :
  • Control of lighting, climate equipment and blinds - HDL.
  • Onkyo acoustic equipment (TX-NR838 receiver and Blu-Ray BD-SP809 player)
  • DALI acoustic equipment
  • Samsung TV-sets


Screenshots and Equipment