Two-storey apartment with an open terrace in the center of Moscow (UNISONS Smart Homes). Moscow, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Moscow, Russia
Equipment:  Legrand

Two-storey apartment with an open terrace in the center of Moscow (UNISONS Smart Homes)

Project description
Two-storey apartment with a terrace in the center of Moscow. The apartment area is more than 700 sq.meter, and includes 10 living rooms and bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 7 bathrooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, halls and an open terrace.

It takes about 1.5 years to complete the project. 55 km of power and low-current wires were laid. Smart рome includes 315 DOMINTELL modules. Automation equipment is located in three internal cabinets with 600 modules in each and one outdoor cabinet with 390 modules. Weak-current equipment is installed in a 42U server cabinet. About 120 static IP-addresses are used for all equipment.

Lighting: 260 independent light groups: turning on/off, brightness control, operation by timer, motion and lighting sensors, different scenes. The dynamic illumination of the steps of the staircase is switched on by optical sensors (brightness level depends on lighting outside).

Climate systems: 25 heating zones, 16 air conditioners — automatic and manual work mode, scheduled operation, scenarios. The winery has an autonomous precision climate system, which is also controlled by the system and will immediately notify the owners if a malfunction or deviation occurs.

Humidification and ventilation systems: 3 steam generators, a ventilation unit, 23 motorized window vents, 9 humidity and air quality sensors (automatic and manual work modes), operation by timer and monitoring of equipment condition.

67 motorized curtains, 36 drivers for roller shutters, 28 outdoor shutters, 15 drives for wall and roof pergolas on the terrace — open/stop/close separately and in groups, opening curtains by alarm clock, scenarios. If the maximum permissible wind speed threshold outside is exceeded, the system will roll up the outdoor shutters as well as fold the walls and roof pergolas on the terrace.

Video surveillance, security and access control system: 20 indoor and 4 outdoor PTZ IP cameras, 4 IP intercoms with a fingerprint scanner: motion detection recording, arming / disarming via a fingerprint and SMS message or PUSH notification of system status change to the smartphone of the owner.

Water leakage control system: 63 water leakage sensors — automatic shutdown of water supply, emergency notification on the smartphone of the owner.

Audio and video equipment: 10 TVs in rooms, a TV in a 240 cm high mirror, a TV on the terrace, 8K and 4K projectors in living rooms, a home cinema system 7.1 and two 5.1 systems, 13 video multiroom zones and 16 audio multiroom zones — control by a tablet, playing sound in separate areas, an audio multiroom using a motion sensor, a timer to turn off TVs and various scenarios. For visual comfort in the cinema rooms, the projector is hidden and when turned on, it is lowered by a lift. In three rooms, the TV can be turned to a convenient viewing angle.

Turkish bath (hammam): the desired temperature in the hammam can be set from the tablet and upon reaching the set temperature a notification of readiness will be sent. The hammam has heated glass walls: this will provide a beautiful view of the winter garden during the bath.

Energy security: 4 phase-controllers, 3 uninterrupted power supplies of 8 kW each. Separate light groups and power outlets in the living quarters are connected to the UPS; in emergency situations, the apartment will have emergency lighting.

Taking into account the weather conditions received from the meteorological station, watering of green spaces on the terrace will start in automatic or manual modes.

3 biofireplaces, a snow melting machine, a central heating supply circuit to the apartment, a common house ventilation system, fire alarm and access control systems, monitoring the condition and status of systems, warning of malfunctions, incidents and errors in operation.

Control: wall-mounted pushbutton switches of the Lithoss series successfully fit into the interior of the apartment. Their modular design allows you to individually and compactly place the switch for controlling lighting or the curtain drive, power sockets, USB for charging the smartphone, a night lamp. Colour touchscreens of Rainbow series by Domintell are multipurpose — controlling climate, lighting, and curtains.

All engineering communications and equipment in the apartment can be controlled using i3 pro app by iRidium Mobile Ltd and in case of emergency or equipment malfunctions, the system will notify the owners using SMS messages or PUSH notifications.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project? :
The customer wanted simple, intuitive control of all systems in one application with voice control integration. We have created an individual interface, you can control the equipment from the plan, or by clicking on objects in the photographs of the rooms.

iRidium UMC is used for logic, scenes, voice control and integration of all equipment.

Control panels :
iPad -12 pcs.

Equipment of the project:
Domintell automation equipment, Lithoss and Legrand switches, Produal sensors, Intesis and Global Cache control gateways, IME impulse registers, CYP video multiroom equipment and Sonos audio multiroom, iRoom iDock&fixDock docking stations, Cineversum projectors and TEC screens, NAD and Onkyo AV-receivers, Focal and Electro-Voice audio equipment, REL subwoofers, Future Automation motorised brackets, ProofVision outdoor TV, 2N intercom and Vivotek video surveillance, a TV in a mirror by ad notam company.