Twins (Pro-AIT d.o.o.). Croatia, Zadar, Posedarje
Location:  Croatia, Zadar, Posedarje
Equipment:  HDL

Twins (Pro-AIT d.o.o.)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Lighting control, curtain control, AC control, security system and video surveillance integration.
System has to be controlled locally through local WiFi and from remote locations through 3G/4G connection.

Project description
Investor needed solution that will provide superior lighting, curtain, AC, security system and video surveillance control and system integration with possibility of local and remote connection to the system. HDL buspro products has been selected for automation purposes and security system and Ubiquity UnifiVideo cameras and NVR for video surveillance.

Control panels:
  • HDL DLP - 2, Android 10" tab - 1 EA, several Android based phones
  • HDL buspro Site License Pro

Equipment of the project
  • HDL buspro, UBNT UnifiVideo Cam and NVR
  • HDL buspro Site License Pro