Smart home in Penthouse (GRIFON SMART). Russia, Moscow

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Moscow
Equipment:  HDL, AMX, AV

Smart home in Penthouse (GRIFON SMART)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Complete smart house. Control of lighting, power load, blinds, heating, ventilation, electricity, warm floors, video surveillance, multimedia server and multimedia system.

Project description:
It’s 150 square-meter apartment. All systems function smoothly and are controlled from iPad, iPhone and Android-based tablet both locally from the apartment and remotely from any part of the world.


Lighting is controlled with the help of HDL equipment. Corridors are equipped with motion sensors and light is switched on/off automatically at night. Android-based tablet controls the light in the whole apartment, lighting scenes can be saved and called. Lighting is also involved in global scenes : “Leaving”, “At home”.


All blinds and curtains are controlled from key pads and touch panels. Blinds are involved in global scenes, for example in “Cinema” scene – they are automatically closed in home cinema. Additionally blinds can get closed and open by scheduled set on Android-based panel.


Comfortable climate conditions are created in the apartment with the help of ventilation system and convector control. The basis for zone climate-control is HDL and AMX equipment. Individual temperature parameters are set from thermostats, climate in the whole apartment is controlled from touch panels. Air can be directed to the required rooms. Control panels can display information on filter state, errors and other information demanding users’ attention. Climate control is involved in global scenes, and if a user turns on “Leaving” mode when he leaves the house, the climate system switches to an economical mode.

Warm floors
Warm electric floors are controlled from iPad and multifunctional HDL switches. Like for the climate control system the work mode of warm floors is set by schedule, they are automatically switched off at night and when nobody is at home, saving energy.

IP video surveillance

Video from IP cameras can be watched on any TV and touch panel in the apartment, as well as on Android-based panels both in the apartment and in any part of the world with Internet access. Video from IP cameras is recorded. IP intercom is integrated in the video surveillance system, thus, all visitors are recorded.


All functions available in the home cinema can be used in other rooms. Different sources can be watched and listened to at the same time, for example, a film in the home cinema, radio in the bathroom, music in the bedroom. All users have access to the media library (audio and video). It’s also convenient to continue watching or listening something when walking from room to room.

Other systems were also installed: power supply, local net, Internet, cable TV, intercom, leakage control system integrated in the Smart home system.

Control panels:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Equipment: HDL, AMX, Legrand, ABB, True IP, Russound, Sonos, KeyDigital