Smart apartment ("MZTA" Ltd.). Russia, Moscow

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Moscow
Equipment:  Kontar

Smart apartment ("MZTA" Ltd.)

Tasks set by the client in the project
The task was to design and realize “Smart apartment” project, using only Russian hardware and software.

Project description
The following functions are realized in a multi-room apartment in Lomonosov Avenue, Moscow:
1. Measurement of resource consumption: power, heating, hot and cold water on all standing pipes.
2. Lighting: individual lighting in each zone is made on the basis of LED tapes. Light can be dimmed, color temperature can be changed (warm/cold).
3. Heating: Each radiator has an electric vault that help to create comfortable micro climate for each zone. Warm floors are also located in each zone and work together with the central heating system.
4. Drawn-in and exhaust ventilation system provides fresh air in the apartment..
5. Conditioning systems create create comfortable micro climate for each zone
6. Blinds control: blinds have several working modes: weather-dependant (depends on the lighting level outside), scenes (wake up/sleep), manual, and coordinated with the lighting system.
7.Leakage control system: controls the state of sensors in real time, and notifies required people in case of leakage.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
As iRidum driver for Kontar was used in a real project for the first time, the driver was being completed while the automation system was being designed and installed.

Control panles
: iPad mini – 1pc.

Controllers produced by MZTA: МС12, ML9, MA8.3, MR8, МАНС12, КСПД-К1