Showroom in SM-Teh (SM-TEH). Russia, Moscow

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Moscow
Equipment:  HDL, AV equipment

Showroom in SM-Teh (SM-TEH)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Show music, AV, video library, lighting, climate and curtains control from iPads, android tablets on visitor devices.

Project description
Small sized smarthome showroom in Moscow

Difficulties you faced while working on the project Had to get mede8er video player and squeezebox player (raspberry ip based) from Bogdan, as they are not being sold in Russia

Control panels
  • Android Nexus
  • IPad Air

Equipment of the project
  • HDL lighting, climate and curtain control
  • Mede8er video players
  • Squeezebox music players with hi-fi DAC's