Smart apartment in the residential complex "Mayak Minska" (AllVision). Minsk, Belarus

Type of project: 

Location:  Minsk, Belarus
Equipment:  HDL

Smart apartment in the residential complex "Mayak Minska" (AllVision)

Project description
One of our latest projects is a smart apartment with a view of the National Library. In addition to automation of lighting, climate control system, curtains, important attention was paid to the security system.

Video surveillance from cameras at the entrance is broadcasted to the tablet and to the application on the smartphone. The fire safety and leakage protection systems work in concert: when a fire alarm is triggered, the leakage protection system is automatically blocked.

In case of an emergency situation, the customer receives a notification on the phone:
- motion sensor triggered when no one is at home;
- leakage sensor triggered;
- smoke detector triggered;
- the parameters of the air handling unit deviated from the set ones;
- lost connection to any of the systems, etc.

The entire system is also controlled from HDL control panels with DLP screens installed in each room. The color of DLP panels is matched to the tone of the interior and sockets thanks to the possibility of customizing the panels according to the RAL color standard.

Tasks set by the client in the project
The customer wanted to control the lighting, floor heating, radiators, air conditioners, air quality in the apartment, air handling unit and have quick access to the cameras in the entrance. He also wanted to receive notifications from security sensors (leakage, smoke and motion sensors) and have a quick response of the automation system to emergency situations. It was important that the system worked according to scripts, but it was also possible to edit them and create new scripts.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
iRidium is used to combine all engineering systems into a single interface. Our company has been working with iRidium mobile for over 5 years and has already developed a large number of drivers for the integration of third-party equipment. In this project, we made our own JS driver for CO2 and humidity sensors - Netatmo (http).

Control panels :
2 smartphones and 2 tablets. For local control, panels from HDL are used: 4 DLP panels and panels of the Tile series.

Equipment of the project:
iRidium server RPI
HDL - automation equipment
NetAtmo - air quality sensors
Ajax - security sensors
GIDROLOCK - leakage protection system
Hikvision - cameras
Air handling unit - systemair
CAREL humiSonic - Humidifier
X-Net - servos