Private House (Freelancer). Kazakhstan, Almaty

Type of project: 

Location:  Kazakhstan, Almaty
Equipment:  HDL, CoolMaster, CasaTunes, KODI

Private House (Freelancer)

Tasks set by the client in the project
There was a task to control each zone using maximally unified control items. Thus, it was decided to use circle levels.

Project description
It’s a free-floor house in Almaty. Smart home system was installed in 33 rooms: 6 bedrooms and bath-rooms, a study, a fireplace lounge, a play room, a kitchen, a dining room, a swimming-pool, a gym and a home cinema. Lighting is also controlled on the territory surrounding the house. 4 iPads Air are used to control: 2 wall-mounted iPads on each of the living floors and 1 iPad is not fixed anywhere, 1 iPad is used to control the home cinema. The system includes control of lighting, blinds, shutters, conditioners, warm floor, convectors, background music and cinema. All lights can be dimmed, and each lamp, when it is turned off, remembers the last value, and when it is turned on it is dimmed to the last remembered value. Lights can be dimmed both when they are turned on and turned off. The states of control items are synchronized among all control panels.

Control panels:
iPad Air 4 pcs

Equipment of the project:
1 port switchboard - 4
DLP Panel with AC Music Clock Floor Heating - 21
16 channels 10A relay IV - 2
8 channels 10A relay IV - 4
2Ch Window Curtain controller - 38
6ch 2A Leading Edge Dimming module - 13
6ch Floor Heating Module 3 eight sensors in one - 31
Temperature sensor - 7
Infrared signal emission,remote receiving module - 1
Wall mount Ultrasonic & PIR Sensor - 6
4 keys multi-functional panel - 1
4 Button Smart switch Digital Wall Panel with Temperature - 4
3 Button Smart switch Digital Wall Panel with Temperature - 8
2 Button Smart switch Digital Wall Panel with Temperature - 1
1 Button Smart switch Digital Wall Panel with Temperature - 1
Control of Mitsubishi conditioning system with the help of CoolMaster NET - 13 zones
CasaTunes player 20 zones
KODI player 1
iRidium server RPi 1