Picnic in Sitting-room (BMS Trading). Russia, Moscow

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Moscow
Equipment:  HDL

Picnic in Sitting-room (BMS Trading)

Tasks, set by the client in the project
Easy control of Smart home functions: a conditioner, a TV-set, blinds and lighting.

Project description
The starting point of the project was the idea of the multifunctional device - HDL-MHRCU.433. Although this device was used only for 25%, it turnd out to be the most economical solution. 4 groups of lights with dimming were connected to it. Besides two electrical sockets were connected to relay channels to control the standing lamp and the air-washer. LED tapes of bookcases and a niche below the TV-set, and lamps above the table are also connected to similar relay channels. Two classical bell-switches to launch scenes were connected to dry contacts. We could have connected more, as we had 24 outputs at our disposal.

To control all of it we mounted HDL-MPL8.48 DLP panel on the wall at the door. The panel can control all light groups separately and launch scenes, for example, “cinema” scene that switches off the light and closes the blind. The blind is closed by HDL-MWM70B.12 actuator that can open/close to certain % and always knows the exact position of the blind, even if it is moved manually. Besides the actuator can open/close the blind, if it is moved manually more than 5 cm. The actuator is installed in the curtain track by our partner Decolux.

To control LG conditioner, a multifunctional ceiling sensor was installed. All IR codes were programmed in it, as a result DLP panel can control Auto, Heating, Cooling, Fan, Humidity, Dry modes; Auto, Hi, Medium, Low ventilation speeds; and a capability to set a temperature in each mode between 17-26 degrees Centigrade. Besides controlling the conditioner via IR 8in1 HDL-MSP08.4C controlled Haier TV-set via IR. BeeToo company installed iRidium mobile visualization project on LG S4 smart phone and made a convenient interface to control multimedia and all the systems described above.

Control panels :
LG G4S smart phone – 1
DLP HDL-MPL8.48 panel – 1

Equipment :
  • HDL-MHRCU.433
  • HDL-MWM70B.12 actuator
  • 8in1 HDL-MSP08.4C
  • LG Inverter V ARTCOOL Stylist conditioner
  • LG MiniON air-washer
  • HAIER LE40B8000TF TV set


Screenshots and Equipment