Ohta-Park (Albus Pro Ltd.). Ohta-Park, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Ohta-Park, Russia
Equipment:  HDL, KNX, C-Bus, Crestron

Ohta-Park (Albus Pro Ltd.)

Tasks set by the client in the project
1. Lighting control. Dimming LED tapes - curtain track lighting. Dimming diod spots. Relay channels of outdoor lamps.
2. Control of blinds and shutters.
3. Control of warm floors.
4. Controls of ventilation.
5. Control of air humidity.
6. Weather station.
7. Control of gates (roller gate and swing gate).
8. Intercom.
9. Passive security. Leakage protection.
10. Security and fire alarm.
11. Control of the outer perimeter from tresspassing (control of the fence bend).
12. Security surveilance.
13. Control of sewage caisson.
14. Control of tank with diesel fuel.
15. Control and monitoring of the roof anti-icing system.
16. Control of diesel generator (stand-by power supply). Automatic swtching to stand-by power.
17. Multiroom.
18. Home cinema, projector, screen, accoustics.
19. Sattelite television.
20. Local computer net.
21. Powersupply + diesel generator.

Project description
2-storey country house, 439 square meters, plus a bathing house and a garage, 100 square meters, located in Ohta-Park.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
It was difficut to pu cables in the walls of a wooden house. Much time was spent on developing a new concept of a control interface based on iRidium mobile platform.

Control panles:
iPad Air2 - 2 pcs mounted in LaunchPort (one on each floor). More panels are planned, iPad and iPhone.

1. HDL – KNX, HDL – S-Bus.
2. Crestron
3. LonWorks
4. Iridium mobile
5. Jung
6. Weinzierl
7. Bolid
8. Bpt
9. Came
10. ABB
11. iQ7
12. GeoVision
13. Sonos
15. JVC
16. Plinius
17. Oppa
18. Onkyo
19. Neptun
20. Global Cashe
21. Gurza
22. Oven
23. D-link
24. Lans