Meeting room ().
Functions for control from panels/smart phones:

1. Control scenes ("Presentation for clients", "Meeting", "Presentation on projector, the light is on" and etc.)
2. Video switching (for example, the button "Digitizer -> projector")
3. TV control
4. Control of the projector and the screen
5. Light control
6. BYOD capabilities – authorized users get control from their devices in a few seconds
7. Optional – integration with the system of booking the meeting rooms
8. Optional – integration with the system of climate control

Meeting room

iRidium lite for control of a typical meeting room or executive office

– iRidium lite software (the modules used: Kramer, Global Cache, HDL buspro, PJLink)
– iOS/Android based control panels (in the example – an iPad with the table dock station and a smart phone)
– IR transmitter (in the example – Global Cache IP2IR)
– Video switcher (in the example - HDMI Kramer 4x2)
– Video sources (in the example – up to 4: PC/laptop, graphic digitizer, Apple TV in the Airplay mode, satellite TV)
– TV set for small meetings and showing some additional information
– Projector with the screen for big meetings
– Equipment for control of lighting and the projector (in the example - HDL buspro)

The way meeting rooms work in modern offices can be described as “an unmitigated disaster”. But employees live with it. In one remote the battery is low, the other one is missing. The IT specialist is sent for and he tries to fix everything during the meeting. And we end up showing the presentation to the client on our laptop. And we just needed to show the presentation on the big screen and dim the lights.

87% of meeting rooms do not function properly or have enough convenient means for control so all employees could use them. In most cases the reason for that is high costs of installation and maintenance of modern control systems for meeting rooms. So the owner decides to save money on such rooms. Our solution solves the above said problems on the professional level without much money. Correct wiring, a couple of professional devices and configured control enable use of meeting room functions from any table mounted iPad'а or employee’s smart phone.

It is evident to anyone that such specific room has to work in several modes (scenes). And for each of those there can be a separate button. There are several most popular scenes. “Presentation to clients”: the light gets dimmed and then turned off, the screen goes down, the projector turns on and the presentation started on the laptop is shown on the screen. “Meeting”: the lights are on, Apple TV/Chromecast (or similar device) is output on the TV set and participants can output their presentations on it without connecting the cable. There can be also such modes as "Turn off everything" and "Promo" when all screens show promo video.

The basis of the solution is iRidium lite software for iOS/Android/Windows which provides a convenient user interface in a few minutes of simple initial setting up. The other devices are optional or may vary depending on the selected manufacturer. The modules for the interface are downloaded from iRidium store where there are hundreds of supported devices. By the way, the Internet is not required as everything will be fully functional offline.

The video switcher with Ethernet control is required to direct video streams from the selected devices to the screens you need. The model with 4 inputs and 2 outputs is suitable for the majority of meeting rooms with 2 screens. If there is just one screen (a projector or a TV set), the switcher is not required as it will be enough to select the correct input when stating a scene.

Scheme of connection

Meeting room

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