Country-style Cottage (LLC DeWiro). Russia, Cheboksary

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Cheboksary
Equipment:  HDL Buspro, ABB, Schneider Electric, CAME, Reel Tech, Somfy

Country-style Cottage (LLC DeWiro)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Complete home automation (heating, ventilation, conditioning, lighting), multimedia network, video surveillance system, blinds control, system of automated watering.

The following functions of DeWiro Smart home were realized:
  • zones of climate control (heating and conditioning) in every room;
  • control of draught equipment;
  • zones of automated outside lighting: each zone is lighted separately, when a person crosses a beam. Besides there is light is programmed to switch on and off at a definite time;
  • socket control;
  • blinds control and control of the central light lift;
  • control of TV sets;
  • scenes «All Off», «Nobody home», «Security», «Will be home soon», « Will be home soon with family», «Home cinema», «Going to the Toilet», «Going to sleep»;
  • uninterrupted power supply from an accumulator with SMS notification about power outage;
  • outside video surveillance system with a capability to see the video on a PC and a tablet;
  • automated lawn watering with a capability to set schedules. The water tank is automatically filled with water;
  • individual weather station;
  • cable multimedia system with a capability to share Internet access via a patch-cord or Wi-Fi;
  • antenna to amplify the signal of mobile internet with a separate IP address.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
  1. Special software was created to gather data about electricity and gas consumption and send them to resource companies.
  2. During project creation the customer decided to add functions. So, changes were added to the project, concerning the list of equipment, the structure of the power stand and the control stand. В ходе реализации проекта, заказчик захотел расширить функционал системы. Пришлось вносить дополнительные изменения в проект – корректировались состав оборудования, структура силового щита и щита управления.
  3. We worked with equipment that the customer had bought before consulting us. So we had to come up with individual technical solutions for everything to work within the agreed concept.

Control panels: iPad mini 3 – 1

Equipment of the project:
  1. Basic equipment - HDL Buspro equipment: DLP panels, 8 in 1 sensors, climate controllers, dimmers, relay modules, IP interface, logic controller, dry contacts module.
  2. Additional equipment - ABB, Schneider Electric, CAME, Reel Tech, Somfy.