Home Systems Control Dispatcher ("TeploEnergoServis" PC). Russia, Kemerovo
Location:  Russia, Kemerovo
Equipment:  Modbus

Home Systems Control Dispatcher ("TeploEnergoServis" PC)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Remote control, monitoring of parameters, control of the boiler-room systems. Counting fees for consumed resources to pay for housing and public utilities. Notifications about break-downs in the system.

Project description
Cottage 10 km away from the city, 200 sq. m, with a boiler-room, the system of hot water supply, the ventilation and humidification system, floor heating.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Implementation of control of separate bits in Modbus (we would like to do without the bit mask, use a separate type). Limitations of javascript (not all language elements are supported)

Control panels

Equipment of the project
"Owen" (controller, module), ICP CON I-7188(1pc.)