Home Automation (Itechnics). Belgium, Izegem

Type of project: 

Location:  Belgium, Izegem
Equipment:  Modbus, A/V equipment

Home Automation (Itechnics)

The customer wanted:
  • to control lights, dimmers;
  • to adjust temperature in bathroom, spa and start/stop sauna and adjust temperature
  • to open and close curtains (adjust time or illumination)

In this project, the customer can:
  • open the gate;
  • to start all lights, dimmers, RGB lightning;
  • start the curtain up and down;
  • view the weather in the city;
  • see the temperature outside, inside and in bathroom;
  • adjust the temperature (including the spa and the sauna);
  • see how much oil you have to burn;
  • to start the TV and decoder;
  • start the DVD;
  • control XBMC and Sonos systems in 2 rooms;
  • control 4 IP cameras, one PTZ camera.
The system also counts the current from the 3 phase system, it counts the kwh and you can see it for a month. It's possible to see the menu-card from 3 take away restaurants.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
It was difficult to make the connection with Allen Bradley PLC through Modbus and work with XBMC.

Control panels
iPhone 4, iPad 3

Equipment of the project
  • Allen Bradley PLC (SPS), the type = Micro850
  • Global Cache IPtach IP2IR
  • AXIS camera P210
  • 2 Wanscam camera (1 PTZ
  • D-link DCS-7110L