Congress Hall ().
1. Authorization
2. Synchronous interpretation
3. Voting system

Congress Hall

About the functionality in details: 


A conference participant registers and gets a QR-code. He or she scans it from Consys mobile app and gets access to the conference. As a conference participant he can choose the interface language, see the conference agenda, switch on synchronous interpretation on his or her smart phone.

Synchronous interpretation

A conference participant can choose the required language in the app. When the screen of the smart phone goes into stand-by mode, sound broadcast continues. A set of server equipment and software are responsible for getting data from interpreters' mikes, coding them into digital streams and broadcasting the signal to mobile clients.

Voting system

During a conference a speaker can start a poll or a questionair prepared beforehand. Possible answers are displayed on participants' smart phones.


Congress Hall

Congress Hall

Congress Hall

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