Hotel ().
Hotel room:
- lighting
- climate
- multi-media
- security
- SIP intercom

Administrator's or personnel's work place
- notification
- room statuses
- security

Engineer configuration
- climate
- back-up power supply, resource comsumption of the building

Conference-halls, meeting rooms, restaurants
- lighting
- climate
- A/V control
- booking meeting rooms


iRidium can be successfully used in the hotel sphere on several levels where visualization of control and automation are required. 


Hotel room

Modern hotel rooms are often equiped with touch control panels. GRMS (Guest room management system) by different manufacturers offer to control lighting, climate, multi-media devices. All of them are united in a convenient user interface. iRidium offers a ready interface design, that can be easily adapted to any hotel room. 

Such an interface usually has only one page, and a user does not have to look for the required control functions in the depths of the menu. The 3D picture shows functions that work when they are touched or open additional control items. The side menu offers access to additional functions - information about the room, the hotel. There is also a button to call the reception, that works like a regular call ro reception from a stationary phone. This function has two variants of realization: only audio or audio and video.

BYOD (Bring your own device) is one of the modern tendencies, it means that guests can use their own gadgets to interact with the room and the hotel. One of iRidium functions - reading QR codes - can be used  here. QR codes with a link to a project that controls a hotel room can be placed in a manual or on the inside of the room door, or they can be generated dynamically at the reception. It works this way. A guest downloads i3 pro app or the hotel's branded app, scans the QR-code ane gets access to room control for the period of his staying in the hotel.
BYOD function is not included in the standard package and to be developed additionally based on your request with the agreement of terms and costs.

Most frequently used iRidium drivers: KNXHDL Buspro, HDL Hotel, HelvarSIP

Examples of Interface: 

Administrator's or personnel's work place

Hotel personnel deal with iRidium interfaces, that are configured to fulfil their tasks. Room service personnel see what they have to see, and the administrator sees what he is required to see. The app can be installed on Windows PCs as well as iOS/Android-based devices. iRidium server, software agent, is installed on PCs or local controllers, it logs all events happening in the system, send notifications to required personnel and displays required data in the app or in the web-interface for monitoring.

Integration with hotel systems of the upper level, such as 1С or Opera PMS (Fidelio), is often required. In this case an integrator with the help of iRidium tech support sets the required driver. Scenes that are regularly required, such as "Booked room", "Guest in room", "Nobody in room", "Empty room", "Cleaning" are set on this level of the system. Usually the interacion is done on the leverl of data bases. 
Integration with PMS (hotel management systems) is not included in the standard package and to be developed additionally based on your request with the agreement of terms and costs.

Most frequently used iRidium drivers: KNX, HDL Hotel, сторонние модули

Example of configuration: 

Engineer configuration

It's a special variant of a user interface required to control engineer equipment, to collect data on resource consumption, etc. Typically ventilation, heating and back-up power suppply are controlled. And data on consuption of electricity, water and heating are collected. iRidium allows not only to control and monitor processes of these systems, but also to realize intellectual gateway funtion between protocols, schedules, etc.

Most frequently used iRidium drivers: ModbusKNX, Coolmaster

Conference-halls, meeting rooms, restaurants

Any hotel has a variety of public areas where equipment must work correctly. To provide convenient control and high-quality work of equipment a touch contol panel (iOS, Android, Windows) or a panel with a controller is enough. 

Rather simple configurations can be used here, where a user interface can control lighting, A/V switch and a projector. More complicated configuartions are also possible. For example, Consys solution (by iRidium and Centec) realized the following functions - broadcast of synchronized translation to smart phones of conference participants and voting.

Most frequently used iRidium drivers: AV & Custom SystemsKNXHDL Buspro, Kramer, PJ Link

Simple variant for a meeting room: 

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