BeSmart (Avtor Ltd.). Russia, Tambov

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Tambov
Equipment:  KNX, A/V equipment

BeSmart (Avtor Ltd.)

The customer wanted:
  • remote control of entry and garage gates
  • control of parking lighting,
  • control of A/V equipment (DVD, satellite receiver, ТV, Sonos),
  • activating/ deactivating the security alarm system
  • control of air conditioning and ventilation
  • display and control of video surveillance in the office
  • remote control of lighting in the office.

Project description
The interface on control panels has individual design. A special driver was written to control the security alarm system and parking lighting.
The project includes a module to control KNX devices and a video surveillance camera.
Control panels have a built-in capability to quickly switch among apps that are frequently used.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
The air conditioner could not be connected to the control center of the automation system, so it was decided to control it the conditioner via IR-commands. Information about the temperature and humidity is gathered by a web-server, based on Raspberry Pi. So the conditioner is controlled with the help of IR-emitter connected to the web-server. This solution minimized expenses on equipment.
Due to lack of place, to control the parking lighting and the security alarm system it was decided to use one block with 4 relays, based on Arduino Ethernet controller. A special driver was written to control this device.

Control panels
  • iPad mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung HomeSync

Equipment of the project
  • Global Cache: WF2IR - 1
  • GC-100-12 - 1
  • KNX IP-router 772 BAOS - 1
  • Raspberry Pi - 1
  • IR-emitter ИК - 1 (connected to GPIO)
  • Temperature/Humidity sensor - 1 (connected to GPIO)
  • Arduino Ethernet - 1
  • Relay Shield - 1
  • IP-camera Dlink DCS-2103 - 1
  • Sonos Bridge - 1
  • Sonos Connect:AMP - 1
  • Receiver HUMAX - 1
  • ТV Sharp - 1
  • Blu-Ray Pioneer - 1

Photos and Screenshots