Apartment in Yekaterinburg (IntelliHome). Yekaterinburg, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Yekaterinburg, Russia
Equipment:  bus77

Apartment in Yekaterinburg (IntelliHome)

Project description
The apartment is located in the quiet district of Yekaterinburg. The apartment has 4 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. The apartment has heat recovery ventilation equipment from the WOLF company. A centralized vacuum cleaner is installed.

Tasks set by the client in the project
Complete lighting control. Operation from switches in extended mode, using single, double pressing and holding. Also, the emphasis was on maintaining indoor air quality. Control of the ventilation machine according to the information from sensors located in the bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Remote control.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
Lighting, floor heating, and other devices are controlled using iRidium BUS77 equipment. During the tests, the BUS77 protocol proved to be reliable. Fast work, easy setup and clear integration with i3 pro.
iRidium Integration server controls equipment via BUS77 protocol, receives data from air quality sensors and controls the recuperator via Modbus protocol.

Control panels :
Smartphones and iPad.

Equipment of the project:
FW-400 (14 pcs) receives data on pressing the switches.
DM-006P (7 pcs) controls all lighting and other devices.
DM-606 (1 pc) controls devices with low switching current.
FM-402-1W (4 pcs) controls warm floors.
iRidium Integration server.
WB-MSW (4 pcs) receives data on indoor air quality.