Apartamento André Fernandes (SBUS-Automa??o). Brazil, S?o Paulo

Type of project: 

Location:  Brazil, S?o Paulo
Equipment:  HDL-BUS Pro, A/V equipment
Date of project completion:  05/24/2013 22:00:00

Apartamento André Fernandes (SBUS-Automa??o)

Tasks set by the client in the project:
The customer wanted a ready-made Smart Home where he could control lighting, temperature, electrical devices and Audio & Video. The customer also wanted a security system to activate when they go in vacation.


  • Security sensor and SMS.
  • Smart dimming.
  • Control of presence (motion sensors).
  • Mode «exiting».
  • Mode «coming».
  • Climate control.
  • Lighting control (different scenarios).
  • Multiroom system.
  • Audio & Video control for two Home Theaters.
  • Curtain control.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
The curtains are RF and don’t have the controller for RS232, so we used a relay of Global Caché-100-12 to activate them with all the remote control wires connected to it.

Сontrol panels: 2 iPads and 4 iPhones