Relaxation Сenter (SIA "AV Experts"/Unisons). Latvia

Type of project: 

Location:  Latvia
Equipment:  Domintell

Relaxation Сenter (SIA "AV Experts"/Unisons)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Control of climate, ventilation and conditioning systems, inside and outside lighting, actuators of blinds, rollers and Venetian blinds (American function). Monitoring of sensors: leakage sensors, temperature and air quality sensors, humidity sensors. Complete control of all Audio/Video equipment.

Project description:
Climate is created and supported by Domintell automation, ventilation and conditioning systems by different manufactures that work via Modbus protocol. System of automatic ventilation is realized. It gets switched on and selects required power depending on the data from air quality sensors with a capability to control air humidity. The TV-set is installed on the ceiling turning mount. It allows to watch video comfortably from different places, standing at the cooker in the kitchen or sitting in the arm-chair in the sitting room. Besides the TV-set there is a system of projecting video in the sitting room.The screen and the projector are built-in the ceiling and appear only when they are switched on. When “projecting video” scene is on, and if the TV-set is turned, first it goes back to the initial position and then the screen starts moving. And when the screen is down, TV mount is blocked. Video shows how it works.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
There were no great difficulties. Minor ones were solved on the realization stage.

Control panels:
iPad – 2 pcs;
iPhone – 2 pcs.

Domintell IP cameras by Vivotek Panasonic plasma panel Panasonic projector Projection screen and projector lifts by Kauber HD Dune net media players Sonos net player Apple TV media player Acoustic systems by Focal JM Lab Global Cache GC-100-12