Museum of Armored Fighting Vehicles (MI Systems Ltd.). Prokhorovka, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Prokhorovka, Russia
Equipment:  Crestron, A/V

Museum of Armored Fighting Vehicles (MI Systems Ltd.)

Tasks set by the client in the project:
An ambitious task was set during the reconstruction of the Museum of Armored Fighting Vehicles. The task required high qualification when making a project and selecting equipment to realize the designer’s concept.

Project description:
A flexible system was created. The system meets all demands and can be further on extended and modernized. In the coming year the museum plans to increase the number of multimedia installations: to add interactive floors, a larger panorama view, simulators, etc. As it was taken into consideration on the project stage, it can be realized with minimum costs. All equipment is automated and can be switched on with one button on a tablet. Guides can switch on different sound, light and video scenes required for an excursion.

Control panels:
  • iPad

Crestron PRO3
Crestron DIN-AP3
Optoma projectors
Wize Pro