Medicare Women and Children Hospital (HDL Dubai). UAE, Dubai

Type of project: 

Location:  UAE, Dubai
Equipment:  HDL

Medicare Women and Children Hospital (HDL Dubai)

Tasks set by the client in the project:
The task was to enable nurses and the building management team to monitor and control 39 patient wards, which truly match the needs of the patients.

Project description:
iRidium is used on nurses' workstations and iPads of maintenance company. The interface is connected to the common system of building management and to emergency calls from the wards.
Special attention was given to the minimization of energy wastage and efficient management of the automated elements within the building.

Control panels:
  • DLP 6-Button panel – 39 ps
  • iPad

Equipment: each of 39 wards is equipped with the following HDL equipment
  • DLP 6-Button panels with nice labeling and description in Arabic and English
  • 4ch х 3A dimmer
  • 12ch x 10A relay
  • module to control motors
  • HVAC controller
Each bathroom is equipped with a motion sensor.