MaxHaus Automation (IntegraHaus). Brazil, San Paulo

Type of project: 

Location:  Brazil, San Paulo
Equipment:  HDL

MaxHaus Automation (IntegraHaus)

Tasks set by the client in the project
-Create HDL system programming for the HDL devices
-Make cable installation (lights, IR control, network)
-Make iRidium javascript development
-Deploy on costumer iPad and make all control
-Review the system with the customer and customize scenes in his presence .

Project description:
Home Automation of a Single Man apartment. It consists of:
- Automation of 2 curtains
- Full Control of Bose Home Theater
- Control of two air conditioner
- Control of Six dimmable LED light points
Dozens of scenes for light scenarios control integrating everything, including welcome scenes that turns on lights, Bose System and TV. In addition, turning on Apple TV and selecting a music source by a customer are added. It is a complete solution that amazed the client by the power of the control interface in his hands.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
-Control of curtains, making correct timing.
- The biggest challenge was cutting the Ethernet cable correctly: another contractor (cable TV installation) cut the cable wrongly, my team decided to bring the Ethernet connection from the user´s main room to the place where the automation command box was placed. And there were no more room to pass cables. The solution was to use a PowerLine Ethernet Dlink device. With it I could fetch the network to the command box by the power line. It saved the project.
-This was my first project on iRidium.

Control panels:
iPad - 1pc

HDL curtain switch (2channels)
HDL LED dimmer (6 channels)
HDL IR control
HDL Ethernet gateway
HDL 6 Button panel