BUSMA Smart Ship (In4home). Russia, Saratov

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Saratov
Equipment:  HDL, Global Caché

BUSMA Smart Ship (In4home)

Tasks set by the client in the project:
Development and installation of the following systems: Smart home system, including 75 light zones, 16 zones of boat equipment, 83 control zones, integration of fire alarm, climate control systems, etc, video surveillance (6 zones), local net and access to LTE Internet, sea satellite television, multimedia system (more than 100 setting objects, including 2 home cinemas and a karaoke room). All of it is controlled from iRidium (more than 250 tokens). The interface is as comprehensive as possible to the captain and the personnel. The compulsory condition was to control all lighting of a boat, to control climate equipment, to measure temperature in all parts of the boat and to display it on control panels, to monitor data from the boat devices and display them on control panels, to display scene events on a control panel, to display the state of security systems including the fire system, to display video surveillance on control panels.

Project description:
Comfort-oriented automated system for LH-111, a three-deck house boat. It includes HDL Buspro automation system (interior, deck and exterior lighting, ventilation, conditioning, monitoring of the boat system, notification system), system of internal and external video surveillance, access system to the Internet and satellite television, multimedia (TV, audio, karaoke, etc.), navigation system, security system (leakage in the ship's hold, fumigation, fire, critical value of the boat equipment, etc.) The equipment includes more than 100 pieces of automation equipment(gates, input-output modules, relay and dimmer modules, dry-contact modules, DIN regulators, DMX controllers and drivers, diode drivers, sensors (motion, presence, temperature, light, smoke)) IR transmitters and receivers, control panels, IP cameras, video registrator, Wi-Fi access points, 4G modem, multiswitches, satellite sea dish, multimedia equipment from receivers to home cinemas, more than 150 data points, more than 100 actuators, more than 70 sensors, 75 light zones in 35 rooms, more than 200 control scenes.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
Special features and requirements of the ship exploitation that influenced the design of the project and the equipment installation stage. Adaptation (even simplification) of the interface on control panels to suit the needs of the captain and the ship administrator.

Control panels:
iPad Airs, including: - one is built-in in the deckhouse, - one is the administrator's panel, - user panels in cabins (the number can be unlimited). All control is doubled by physical switches and indicators.


HDL Buspro modules, including: HDL-MBUS01IP.431, SB-DN-IO6/6, HDL-MR0810.432, HDL-MR1610.433, HDL-MR0416.431, HDL-MSD04.40, SB-DRY-4Z, HDL-MSD08.40, HDL-MRDA0610.432, SB-DN-48DMX, SB-LED650mA, SB-CMS-PIR, HDL-MS08M.4C, SB-MTS04.2 etc.