Apto Inteligente Koerich (SMART HOMES). Brazil, Florianópolis

Type of project: 

Location:  Brazil, Florianópolis
Equipment:  SBUS

Apto Inteligente Koerich (SMART HOMES)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Full control of multiroom and home cinema, control of conditioning, lighting, curtains and scenes in 5 rooms.

Project description
Fully automated luxury apartment.

Control panels:
iPad — 1 pc.
iPhone — 1 pc.

Equipment of the project:
Sbus mix 48 — 4 pcs.
curtain controller — 1 pc.
keypads — 5 pcs.
DLP — 1 pcs.
Yamaha Receiver — 1 pc.
Springer Air conditioner — 7 pcs.
Samsung TV — 2 pcs.
LG TV — pcs.