Apartment on Krestovsky Island (Private integrator). Saint Petersburg, Russia

Type of project: 

Location:  Saint Petersburg, Russia
Equipment:  AMX, Crestron

Apartment on Krestovsky Island (Private integrator)

Project description
It’s an 80-square-meter apartment in an elite apartment building on Krestovsky Island. The project feature control of light, blinds, climate, audio-video multiroom. The project is controlled from mobile devices and touch panels.

Tasks set by the client in the project
An automation system on AMX and i2control was installed 15 years ago. After several power shortages and intrusions by inexperienced people part of automation equipment went out of order. The task was to restore everything in the apartment without causing discomfort to the owners. So everything had to be found, installed and set when there was access to apartment.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
I3pro is used to control the system from mobile devices and touch panels. Capability to integrate different protocols and flexible control of the system When the visualization for this project was ready, the customer found it inconvenient. It had happened on other projects before. So even when the interface is developed following your customers’ wishes, after the interface is presented there is a chance that you’ll have to change all visualization iRidium here provides a unique capability to make an interface to suit any customer.
iRidium server on a PC is used to integrate Crestron processor (where logic to control multimedia is realized) with KNX via a native driver.

Difficulties you encountered while working on the project.
The main problem was that the customer insisted on keeping equipment that was installed 15 years ago, including ELO built-in touch screens. But it later turned out that ELO monitors support only drivers from Window 7 (not later). And it took a lot of time to change the control interface after the customer found the initial visualization inconvenient.

Control panels :
iPhone, iPad, ELO touch screens

Equipment of the project:
The automation switchboard includes KNX equipment by different manufacturers (ABB, Zennio, Jung) to control light, blinds, warm floors and conditioners. Multimedia stand to control audio-video multiroom and home cinema includes the following equipment: Crestron processor, Key Digital matrix switch, Yamaha players and video processors, Kramer receivers, Ubiquiti for the local network, uninterrupted power supply and power filters by Legrand. Logic to control multimedia is realized on Crestron processor and it is integrated with KNX via a native driver in iRidium (iRidium server on PC).