Apartment in Legend Hepburn (SIA "AV Experts"/Unisons). Latvia, Riga

Type of project: 

Location:  Latvia, Riga
Equipment:  Domintell

Apartment in Legend Hepburn (SIA "AV Experts"/Unisons)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Centralized system to control lighting, climate, actuators and A/V equipment. Development of a local network, video surveillance system, a system of notification about water leaks and failures is power supply.

Project description:
3,5 inch LCD screens and touch of the Rainbow series by Domintell are used to control all engineer systems in the apartment. With the help of i3 pro app by iRidium mobile a customer can control lighting, temperature, see video from surveillance cameras being either at home or in any part of the world. We created home cinema system on the basis on Sonos equipment. We did it for the first time but it provided realistic pleasant sound when watching TV or listening to music. Mikrokit equipment provides stable work of the local net and good WiFi coverage, which is a crucial factor in flawless and stable work of the whole system. .

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Thanks to cooperative work of all team members we escaped any global difficulties.

Control panels:
iPad Air 2 - 1 pc;
iPhone 6s Plus - 3 pcs;
3,5'' LCD Domintell panel Rainbow series - 9 pcs.

Global Caché
IP cameras by Vivotek
Samsung TV
OpenBox satellite receivers
Apple TV
Focal JM Lab acoustic systems