3-storeyed house (SIA ''AV Experts''/Unisons). Latvia, Riga

Type of project: 

Location:  Latvia, Riga
Equipment:  Domintell

3-storeyed house (SIA ''AV Experts''/Unisons)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Control and monitoring of utility services:

  • lighting,
  • heating,
  • ventilation,
  • conditioning,
  • power consumption,
  • monitoring of accidental leakages,
  • control of AV equipment,
  • intercom and security system,
  • motor devices (shutters),
  • scenes for maintaining microclimate in the house: set up humidity and temperature for each room.

Project description:
Smart Home system (AV multiroom, security system, IP intercom, lighting, motor devices (shutters), ventilation and air conditioning system)

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Work on the project coincided with the transferring from iRidium V1.5 to V2.0 and V2.1. which caused some issues. Now the project is in iRidium V2.1 and it works correctly.

What control panels and how many of them in the project:
6 iPads, 1 iPhone

Equipment of the project

  • Domintell
  • Street temperature and humidity sensors
  • Cisco and D-link network equipment
  • Modbus Gateway for the McQuay and Daikin ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Vivotek NVR and IP cameras
  • 2N IP Force call panel
  • CYP matrix video switch-board
  • Panasonic LED and plasma panels
  • HD Dune network media players
  • Apple TV media players
  • Openbox satellite receivers
  • Onkyo AV receiver
  • Arcam and Bryston stereo amplifiers
  • Focal JM Lab and Opera acoustic systems
  • Global Cache GC-100-18R & GC-100-06

For control and monitoring of the house the following iRidium drivers are used: Domintell UDP & TCP, Modbus TCP, SIP, AV control TCP & HTTP, Global Cache. Scenes for maintaining the preset humidity value work on JS. iRidium Gate is used to enable concurrent connection of several control panels.