3-room apartment (SIA ''AV Experts''/Unisons). Latvia, Riga

Type of project: 

Location:  Latvia, Riga
Equipment:  Domintell, Modbus, A/V equipment

3-room apartment (SIA ''AV Experts''/Unisons)

Tasks set by the client in the project:
The task was to organize centralized control and monitoring of the engineering systems of the house, i.e. lighting, RGB lighting, heating, control of activators, ventilation and conditioning systems, video surveillance, Audio/Video equipment, leakage control, local Ethernet.
To solve the problem of “turning” the home cinema system in the sitting room, as the plasma panel and the projection screen face each other..

Project description:
Smart home (multiroom system, Audio/Video equipment, video surveillance, lighting, heating, control of activators, ventilation and conditioning systems).

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
The project was realized in the transitory period from iRidium 2.0 to iRidium 2.1. The project is done on iRidium 2.1 and works correctly.

Сontrol panels:
Ipad (iOS) – 2, Samsung (Android OS) - 1.

Equipment of the project

  • Domintell
  • D-link net equipment
  • Modbus TCP Gateway for Komfovent ventilation system
  • NVR and IP cameras by Vivotek
  • Plasma panels Panasonic and LCD LED ТВ Samsung
  • Panasonic projectors
  • Projection screens and lifts by Kauber
  • HD Dune
  • Sonos
  • Satellite receivers Сателлитные ресиверы Openbox
  • Onkyo AV processor and receivers
  • Focal JM Lab and REL acoustic systems
  • Xbox Kinect play station
  • Madboy karaoke center
  • Global Cache GC-100-12 & GC-100-06

To control and monitor the equipment the following native iRidium drivers were used Domintell UDP & TCP, Modbus TCP, AV control TCP & HTTP, Global Cache and modified module for Sonos. iRidium Gate is used to control smart home from several panels.