Allows to control professional automation
systems (AMX, Crestron, KNX, Modbus and others)
from Home app or with the help of Siri

Capabilities of iRidium gate for HomeKit®

Combines advantages of working via Home app with a wide
variety of equipment, supported by iRidium.
Fast access to controlling
Smart home without
unblocking a device
Integration with Siri
voice control

Users can create macros
and schedules in the
Home app

Supported Services and Equipment

Controls professional automation systems
Additional services and equipment that can be controlled via Home app or Siri with the help of iRidium gate for HomeKit®

How iRidium gate for HomeKit® Works?

Steps of work with iRidium gate for HomeKit®
Download i3 lite app
from AppStore
Set connection with your
automation system
Add iRidium gate in Home
app and set scenes
Control devices from
HomeKit® or via Siri

Inform me about the start of sales

As soon as iRidium gate for Homekit® is ready for sale,
we'll inform you about it via e-mail


Frequently Asked Questions