Concept "12"
Developer: Anton Julin

Interface in the modern industrial style to control Smart home and apartment. The interface can control automation and A/V equipment. The interface comes in two versions: Graphic version and Ready project.

Available for:

  • iPad Air 2, iPad Pro

Graphic version contains:

  • Gallery with 5222 files, 692 Mb.
  • Background
  • Buttons (each with 2 states)
  • States of circle and vertical sliders
  • States of animation
  • States of animated leakage sensors
  • Ready shuttles– 12 pcs (including empty)
  • Shuttles – original in PSD of all shuttles (to collect shuttles on your own)
  • Separate graphical items
  • The version will be upgraded (SP1)

  Ready project contains:

  • Gallery with 5222 files
  • working KNX project
  • working Crestron project (it’s not a complete project, it will be upgraded)
  • BAOS 772 module for direct Crestron-KNX connection
  • working project
  • demo-project (not encrypted)
  • 4G patch
  • Video tutorial

Control : Control of climate, light, blinds, Audio/Video equipment .