News. October`17 27 October 2017

News. October`17

iRidium server UMC for iRidium lite


Now a special version of iRidium server UMC is available for use in iRidium lite projects. Unlike iRidium servers on the basis of RPi and NUC iRidium server UMC is a professional automation controller with a built-in KNX interface. You can order iRidium server UMC in My account.

iRidium gate Supports Google Home


Now you can control Smart home via Google Home wireless speaker. iRidium gate with a module for Google Home allows to add voice control to both a completed automation project and to the one under development. To make the module work you have to use official Google home app and iRidium server.

iRidium mobile + ELKO EP = New Native Driver in iRidium pro


iRidium mobile and ELKO EP s.r.o. a Czech manufacturer of electronic modular devices and automation systems started mutual work on the development of a native iRidium pro driver for iNELS BUS V3, RF, CS.

Integration of iRidium pro and iNELS is of advantage to both parties: iRidium customers can use one more brand of automation equipment in their projects and users of ELKO EP equipment get high-quality visualization by iRidium.

If you want to be among the first to test the new driver, please, leave your contact information in the form below, and we’ll send you materials for testing as soon as the driver is ready.

Updated JS Modules in iRidium pro

Module for Nest thermostat allows to change temperature value (both in Celsius and Fahrenheit) in different HVAC modes, to change HVAC modes and to display the current temperature and humidity.

Module for RaZberry 3.0 is developed to work with RaZberry controller based on Pi and Z-Way. The driver also works with USB stick Z-Wave.Me that turns a PC into a real controller for Smart homes.

IMPORTANT: for users of iRidium V2 on iOS devices

We remind you that Apple company announced that in Autumn 2017 32-bit applications would be no longer available for iOS 11.

For i2 Control and i2 Control V2.2 apps to continue their work, do not update control panels to iOS 10 or 11. i2 Control and i2 Control V2.2 apps continue to work correctly on iOS 6-9.

We recommend using iRidium pro, it works with all iOS versions. You can exchange your iRidium V2 license for iRidium pro license in My Account.